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The purpose of this list is to serve as a general reference for a variety of companies that manufactures, distributes, or sells communication devices and supports. CommunicatePA strives to be a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for information about AAC, which includes the links below. Please notify us of a manufacturer, vendor or distributor that is absent from this list so that we may correct the oversight.

Nationwide Vendors

(may have Sales Representatives & Funding Departments)

Dynavox Mayer-Johnson (now Tobii-DynaVox)
The headquarters fpr Tobii-Dynavox and Mayer-Johnson is located in Pittsburgh, PA. This company is one of the "world's leading providers of AAC products and services". They are "dedicated to helping individuals and families who need alternatives to gain or regain the power of speech." This commitment goes beyond the AAC products themselves. Products manufactured by this company include" high-technology, dynamic display devices, and communication software. Dynavox Mayer-Johnson can provide loans and rentals to help you find equipment that is right for you. They now also distribute the Tango SGD (previously from Blink Twice). Contact your sales representative for demonstrations, and technical assistance. Funding assistance/guidance is also provided when you have found a product that best meets your needs from this company. -- Ask about their DREAM program to try a device.

Lingraphica produces speech-generating devices and free ipad apps designed to support individuals with aphasia. They provide information and resources about aphasia and offer live and online speech therapy. -- FREE device trials are available.

Prentke Romich Company (PRC)
PRC is dedicated to seeing its customers succeed in what they want to achieve by delivering AT that enables real, spontaneous communication. PRC's mission is to help people with disabilities by providing quality language, AT products and services to people with disabilities, families and professionals. This site provides product support, event notification, downloads, trainings, and funding assistance. Contact your PA sales representative for assistance, demonstration and other services. --
Ask about a FREE device trial or download demo software.

Saltillo Corporation
This company's motto is "providing affordable communication solutions for non-speaking individuals". Saltillo Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes AAC devices. Product line varies from basic switches, manual communication boards and high technology, computer based AAC systems. Saltillo's product like strives to cover a wide spectrum of needs for persons needing SGD. Other assistive technology products are also available through Saltillo Corporation. The website offers product support, webinars, and community resources. -- Find a local rep and ask about device trials.

Tobii Assistive Technology, Inc. (Tobii-DynaVox)

This company is a developer of hardware and software solutions for people with disabilities. Assistive Technology, Inc. merged with Tobii Technology of Sweden (a world leader of hardware and software solutiosn for eye tracking) in December of 2007. Tobii ATI sells and supports Tobii's eye tracking devices as well as its own product line. Tobii ATI remains committed to developing, promoting, selling and servicing innovative products for people with disabilities. Contact your PA sales representative for assistance, demonstration and other services.

Toby ! Churchill
This company is a global provider of high-tech augmentative communication solutions. Their range of communication products, in 13 languages, supports the particular and changing needs of people living with speech impairments. From their office in Denver, Colorado and through the network of national Product Specialists, Toby Churchill is now able to support those with communication impairments on both sides of the Atlantic. Contact your local Product Specialist for product demonstrations, assessment support and training.

Nationwide Vendors

(Catalog or Internet Orders)

AbleNet, Inc
This company strives to "improve lives of people with disabilities in every targeted setting, every day, in dozens of ways..." AbleNet creates "solutions in context" that empower and excite others to encourage enhanced quality of life for people with disabilities. They develop, market and support AT & AAC that can be used at home, at work and in the community. AbleNet is committed to creating "simple-to-use" AT products that empower people wtih complex physical and cognitive disabilities. -- Ask about their Product Loan program.

Adaptivation, Inc.

Adaptivation offers a wide range of assistive devices including switches, communication devices and environmental controls. They also carry products from other top businesses in the industry. The Switches section contains both switches and switch-related electronic devices, such as computer switch interfaces and switch latch timers. One of their goals is to create new application ideas that can be used in the community, at home, school or play. Find creative ways to utilize switches, communication aids and environmental controls in their Idea Album. -- Ask about their Trial Program.

Advanced Multimedia Devices, Inc. (AMDi)
This company is "dedicated to improving lives of people with severe speech disorders by providing augmentative and alternative communication devices." AMDi is "committed to providing durable and affordable products" to promote and facilitate meaningful communication and speech. AMDi manufactures speech generating devices (SGDs), software, accessories, switches, mounting systems, etc. Loans and rentals are offered to help you with decision-making, and funding assistance is provided for purchasing equipment when you have found one of their devices/systems that work for you. -- Device Loans and Rentals are available.

Angel Speaks Communication Products

Enabling Devices
Enabling Devices is "dedicated to developing affordable learning and assistive devices to help people of all ages with disabling conditions." They have been creating and distributing "communicators, toys and switches for the physically challenged for over thirty years." Enabling Devices has expertise in designing electro-mechanical assistive and adaptive devices for people of all ages. They strive to create products that will "enable people with physical challenges to communicate, learn, work, play and function more easily, effectively and enjoyably in the world." The site offers user guides, quotes and troubleshooting for products sold by Enabling Devices.

This company's mission is to "aggressively market, promote and distribute the best-in-class AT." In 2009, EnableMart began operating under the parent organization, Manufacturer's Resource Network. EnableMart strives to be an all inclusive source for assistive technology (AT) and assistive living devices, and to act as a link between those who need the products and those who manufacture the products. Today, the company is one of the worldwide leaders in AT distribution. Products are available for demonstration as well as purchase.

Gus Communications, Inc.
This company produces communication (speech) software that can run on any Windows based desktop, laptop or pocket PC (type) computers. Gus Communications, Inc. has put together communication "packages" that can be funded by medicare. In addition to software, overlay design programs with symbols are also a product of this company. Gus Communications, Inc. also manufactures computer access software, as well as hardware for mounting laptop computers onto wheelchairs. Gus Communications, Inc. offers free technical support and software upgrades.

RJ Cooper & Associates
This company markets and creates software and hardware for persons with special needs. Software includes basic cause and effect activities created using websites, DVDs and videos, keys you see, word complete and much more. Hardware includes: keyboard stands, AAC devices, switch adapted flip camcorder, call chime, cordless switch interface, mini-switch ports and more. In addition the site maintains a forum for advice, listing equipment, etc. RJ Cooper provides workshops for consumers to attend; these workshops are called "road trips" and should be scheduled in advance and meet specific requirements.

This company's focus is on "enabling people to communicate directly with each other without face-to-face barriers. Thus, the company name "sComm" stands for "simultaneous communications". sComm is the sole engineer, manufacturer and direct seller of the UbiDuo, a product that enables deaf/hard of hearing people to communicated with hearing people without barriers. This two-screen communication device is portable, wireless and operates in real-time. Direct orders from sComm allow you to receive complete customer, product and technical supports

Synapse Adaptive
The company manufactures a range of AAC solutions that strive to accommodate the most diverse needs. Click to contact Synapse Adaptive.

Zygo Industries, Inc.
This company manufacturers a variety of communication devices that are available for distribution in PA by ACCI (see above for description of distributor). Products manufactured by Zygo Industries, Inc. include: Digital recording communication systems, Text-to-Speech Communication Systems, Dynamic Display Communication Systems, Computer products, Environmental control systems, and other AT products. Zygo Industries, Inc. provide product support, funding assistance and a newsletter.

PA Vendors

(may be approved providers for Medical Assistance, Gateway, and/or Keystone Mercy)

Augmentative Communication Consultants Inc.(ACCI)
ACCI headquarters are located in Moon Township, PA. This company distributes an expanded product line including: prevocational materials, resources for autism, funding, educational software, dynamic displays, SGDs, etc. ACCI represents over a dozen manufacturers of AAC and AT. They offer demonstrations, workshops, consultation, and/or therapy. "ACCI strives to give the consumer the ability to make an informed choice." Contact them to schedule therapy, demonstration, to receive advice or to place an order.

Mobile Communication Software

(Applications "apps") Developers and Vendors

Many applications are available to support communication using mobile technologies (e.g., iPads, Android phones, tablet computers). For more information on this subject, including a list of applications, see the iTechnology page.

Assistive Technology (AT) Vendors

(may offer products and supports related to communication or literacy)

Select assistive technology vendors may be included, if they sell technology to support communication or devices that may be of interest to those with complex communication needs. For additional ideas of assistive technology vendors, see: Assistive Technology Industry Association or National Public Website on Assistive Technology

Don Johnston Incorporated
This company provides supplemental instruction and intervention solutions to help struggling learners build literacy skills. New teaching strategies and latest research can be explored with this company. The company founder, Don C. Johnston, believes that "well-trained teachers plus good teaching techniques used with innovative technologies will produce effective results". Don Johnston Inc., strives to provide learning tools that will be useful for individuals with unique physical, cognitive or learning differences. Click here to find your state contacts and resources for this company's product and support.

GSTS Designs, LLC
This company is owned by Disability American Veterans. GSTS Designs, LLC offers products and services that enable home control, computer access, increased home independence and comfort for people with disabilities. GSTS Designs, LLC is devoted to providing proven high quality products and superior services. They strive for high end and simple technologies that can be made available at a reasonable cost. Products include: aids for daily living, AAC devices, beds, mobility products, computer access, professional products, environmental controls, recreation devices, switches, mounting systems, etc. Funding support resources are also provided on this link.

MinoMech Technology
The aim of this company is to provide the products and the knowledge that will help people with special needs to participate in and "enjoy the modern computing and communication revolution". Products that are designed to day often presume a user's ability to do things like "push buttons, connect plugs, read text, or speak". These simple assumptions cut many people off from the use of devices..." MinoMech Technologies believes overcoming these design limitations can be done by "keeping it simple" using a combination of existing products and technology. MinoMech gathers and shares essential educational and technical resources that can be hard to find. The site offers a slate of products and downloadable resources. As MinoMech was starting the focus was "getting out there" with power of current computers and communication equipment.

Used Equipment Options

Pass It On Center
A national collaboration for the Reutilization and Coordination of AT. A source for multi-faceted information on best practices, national database of AT, coordinated plan for natural disasters, etc. The center seeks to ensure reutilized AT can reach those who need it quickly in the event of natural disasters, provide technical assistance via email and telephone, and establish a national transportation and electronic networks for well-coordinated distribution of reutilized AT. Look here for reusable AT that may be useful for you, your consumer, your son/daughter, your mother/father.

For selecting products that most appropriately meet your needs, it is suggested that you combine information obtained from this wikispace, and the links contained within the space with professional advice, product evaluations and hands-on trials. Listing the manufacturers, distributors and vendors above is not an endorsement from Communicate PA. The links are mean to be used for informational purposes.

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