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Resources for Organization and Training

Assistiveware, the creator of the Proloquo2Go app, has launched a Core Word Classroom. This site has resources for AAC implementation. The link is:

Core Word Classroom

Core Word Classroom.png
Image of a white board, reading AAC and the words Assistiveware Core Word Classroom written below.

Power AAC

PaTTAN, in conjunction with Gail Van Tatenhove, has created a series of modules for incorporation AAC and Core vocabulary into the classroom. Click the following link, or the image on the homepage to access these resources:


Learning to Speak AACtion Plan: http://www.speakforyourself.org/2016/01/10/learning-to-speak-aac/
A targeted approach for parents/professionals to learn to speak AAC so that you can begin modeling.

Implementation Toolkit: http://www.dynavoxtech.com/training/toolkit/
The site has a lot of downloadable worksheets, tip sheets and information.

The Bridge School's Participation Planning Forms and Collaborative Teaming Matrix: http://www.bridgeschool.org/transition/toolbox/partplan_forms.php

An adapted version of the collaborative teaming matrix can be found here: Collaborative Teaming Matrix -- This is a great tool for help teams figure out roles and responsibilities for providing support for an AAC device (and user)!!

General Sites for AAC & Therapy Ideas

http://www.aacintervention.com/ Caroline Musselwhite and Julie Maro’s site with great tips, handouts, therapy ideas, and tip of the month resources for AAC.

http://www.lburkhart.com Linda Burkhart’s site with ideas for creating simple tech, therapy ideas, notes from presentations and lots of links.

http://praacticalaac.org/ Carole Zangari's website and blog with wonderful resources for teaching AAC, using Aided Language Stimulation, and monthly strategies for implementation.

Tobii-DynaVox – Compass and Gateway Pages

Gateway for Language and Learning: http://www.gatewaytolanguageandlearning.com/
Gateway to Language and Learning© (Gateway©) is a series of page sets designed by Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. It targets individuals with complex communication needs who use augmentative communication technology (AAC) to communicate.

http://www.gatewaytolanguageandlearning.com/TherapyTools.html has ideas for specific “off-the-shelf” therapy games and tools e.g. therapy cards from Super Duper, Outburst, Magnetalk boards, etc.

DynaVox Implentation Toolkit: http://www.dynavoxtech.com/training/toolkit/
This area of the DynaVox website contains print and video resources introducing the language elements in InterAACT including Quickfires, My Phrases, Common Constructions with Visual Scenes, Core Word Strategies, Vocab Lists/My Words and Keyboards.

Core Vocabulary Lessons: http://www.mydynavox.com/Resources/IdeasForTherapy
Tons of resources for understanding what core vocabulary is and how to teach it, as well as full lesson plans and teaching materials. This has several e-books that are similar to those offered by PRC (below).

Prentke Romich (PRC) – Unity pages

Prenke Romich teaching materials: http://teaching.prentrom.com/ or http://www.aaclanguagelab.com/

Gail Vantatenhove is a speech language pathologist who works with individuals who use AAC devices. She offers several materials (free and fee) and ideas on her website.http://www.vantatenhove.com/index.shtml

Tango! (incorporated into Tobii-DynaVox)

Tango – 10 Lessons: http://www.dynavoxtech.com/support/downloads/?productId=27&categoryId=6
From the Dynavoxtech.com “Supports & Downloads” page, select “Tango” and “Documentation” to find the list of support materials for the Tango, and download any of the “10 lessons” handouts. There are also several instructional handouts.

Speaking Dynamically Pro (Mayer-Johnson)

Boardmaker Share (activity exchange): www.boardmakershare.com
Look for interactive activities to download to your computer (for Boardmaker Plus or Speaking Dynamically Pro) or communication device.