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Why a Wiki?

Communicate PA has charged itself with a mission to establish a collaborative of individuals concerned with communication for individuals with complex communication needs. This Wiki helps Communicate PA work toward achieving this goal because it provides a basic, interactive tool that can be personalized to consist of communication and disability related pages, content and links can be updated and/or created regularly with input from members. (For more information about Wikis, visit

What is the purpose of this Wiki?

This Wiki serves to bring together people who are interested in communication for all Pennsylvanians with complex communication needs. It is expected that members of this community will participate in and generate productive discussion among all stakeholders. Members are also encouraged to come to this venue to learn and share information about communication, including the right to services and supports for all Pennsylvanians with intellectual disability or autism. This Wiki is meant to be used as a resource for obtaining and sharing information about existing policies, practices and other relevant topics.

How can you be a part of our community?

After you have established your Wiki account , click on the “Join this Wiki Link” in the top of the tool bar on the left of this Wiki. Once these steps are completed you have become a member of the Communicate PA Community (Welcome !). When you are a member you are free to join in discussion, initiate topics for discussion and you may want to consider joining our listserv so we can help you stay connected! If you have trouble joining this wiki contact CommunicatePA administrators for assistance.

What can you contribute?

This Wiki is protected to prevent misinformation from being posted and to ensure quality and up-to-date information is provided. This means direct editing of the wikispace is restricted to administrative access. The success of this community is heavily dependent upon its member base participating in discussions, providing feedback, collaborating to find solutions, etc. As stakeholders, you may have information that is not listed or mentioned on this Wiki that you feel is important and should be added to the content of the Wiki. Please visit the discussion board on our feedback page and inform CommunicatePA Moderators how they can improve this resource to better serve its community. If you are interested in becoming a Communicate PA moderator and helping develop and maintain content for this Wiki, please contact us.

(Note: In order to post to discussion boards you must be a member of this Wiki)

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