Health and Sexuality

Health and Sexuality | Health | Sexuality

Some of the most-frustrating situations are often the most difficult-to-communicate topics (internal state, emotions, bodily functions/feelings). Many times the person needs long-term support to learn the vocabulary before being asked to use it in real-life situations.

A visual/AAC system (picture board, chart, social story) needs to be used FIRST by the partner for teaching/training (augmented input) and THEN eventually to be used by the person himself.


Communicating about health is a common challenge for people with complex communication needs.

Physical and Medical

Expressing Pain & Describing Symptoms


Sharing emotions

Problem Solving
What's wrong?



Risk Reduction

Teach and Encourage Boundaries & "Saying No" Skills

Right to Privacy
Right to Determine Relationships

Disclosing & Reporting
Equal Access to Equal Justice

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