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Employment & Communication

Why is it Important?

Employment outcomes for people with communication disabilities are drastically lower than other populations. Effective communication is a required and highly desired skill in the workplace.

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Learning More about Employment

PA-based Resources

Check out these Pennsylvania-based organizations that provide information specific to communication and/or employment. For more information about trainings and events, see the Calendar page.

Networks for Training and Development, Inc.

Networks for Training and Development, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusive communities through quality training, consultation, and practice for individuals with disabilities, families, businesses, and neighborhoods. They provide trainings for counties in Pennsylvania through contracts, including Philadelphia and Northumberland counties. In addition to "county specific" events, Networks also offers "Fee-Based" events which anyone can attend for a specified cost. For more information and to register online, click on a specific training/event here: www11.networksfortraining.org/highlights.php.

Web-based Resources

Please see the selected list of online resources below.

Enhancing Participation in Employment Settings Through AAC

Many people who have disabilities require a diverse set of strategic supports and resources in order to realize their full potential. It is through such supports and resources that these individuals can realize goals such as full, integrated competitive employment. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), such as communication boards and devices, give a "voice" to people who experience challenges communicating in more traditional ways.

This website provides on-line multimedia resources to support your journey in successfully achieving vocational goals through more independent communication. Whether you are a consumer of AAC or someone on the team, you will find offerings here to support independent communication-the gateway to successful employment.

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